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   Just as you find your friends based on how well you get on, finding a ‘good’ counsellor can be a bit like finding a good friend, but one that doesn’t give you their opinions or judge you !   The chemistry and then trust between client and counsellor can only be discovered through experience. There are many counsellors in the Inverness area, so where do you start ?  

  •  Personal recommendation can be a good start -  your friends know you and the type of person you get on with. 

  • Find out their qualifications and experience and whether they are registered with one of the regulating bodies. Click here for the BACP register and here for the COSCA register. You will find me on both. There are also other regulating bodies, eg for CBT.

  • Find out their approach and how it might work in your circumstances. This will normally be on their  website and sometimes the websites of their regulating bodies.


 Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a ‘counsellor’ or ‘therapist’ so it pays to do some research and not stick a pin into a googled list!   Here is the FAQ page from the BACP for further information, or give me a call.


If you're near Forres or Elgin, I can recommend my colleague Ramona Haetzer

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